Get to know Mary

Texas native, restless traveler.

Maker of four small people who fill my days with chaos, messes, laughter and soul refining moments. Wife to one handsome hubby and Daughter of the King.

Great lover of books, coffee and sleep. Wanna be lover of exercise, early mornings and healthy foods. Teacher to my tribe around the table, on the couch and in Creation.  

Mary Ensley photography

Yris Productions

a few of my favorite things


As an Austin Native I have many memories growing up of Dr. Pepper and Deluxe Tomatillo Sauce Chicken Burritos and love to take my kids here. I can't wait for them to bring back the nacho car!

Boutique Kid's clothing

I am totally guilt of pulling out my wallet for matching monogrammed shirts and dresses for my crew but hesitant to grab the latest release from my favorite ethical fashion designer Elegantees (seriously go check them out they are an amazing company!)

Personality tests

Ok, maybe this is a bit weird but my husband and I love taking different personality tests and trying to decipher what Enneagram numbers our friends are. I'm a 1 wing 2! How about you?

Kind words


“Mary is a dear friend of mine and she truly puts her heart into what she does! Great at knowing her spots for good lighting and views & comes with tricks up her sleeves for coaxing little ones into cooperation. Her work is lovely & I highly recommend her as a photographer!”

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Austin, Texas