My desert maternity session

by tiffany meehan with thru tiffany's lens

I had never taken maternity photos until we were pregnant with our fourth baby and I am incredibly thankfully for Tiffany lending her talents and time to photograph our family. Maternity photos are some of my favorite to photograph and drool over other photographers work so I knew I had to finally get my own maternity photos taken for this fourth baby! The months leading up to Kathryn's birth were a bit stressful but these images remind me of God's faithfulness despite my wavering heart at time.

Kathryn was not growing well so I was making frequent trips to the maternal fetal medicine doctor to have ultrasounds to ensure she was still growing. She would oscillate between 5-12% any given week leaving me anxious that they would advise for an induction which would prevent me from having another unmedicated, natural birth. Thankfully, her growth never stopped and she hovered right at 11% towards the end which technically put her out of parameters for Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR) and I was able to go full term with her. Well, actually more than full term but more on her wild birth story for another post!

Make sure to go all the way to the end of the post... Nathan pooped his pants at the end of the session, check out everyones faces!

Mary Ensley Photography
Mary Ensley Photography