Happy Birthday Nico!

My baby brother (ok who am I kidding he just turned 30!?!) and his wife have the most darling little one year old. They were able to come down to Austin recently for a visit and while they were in town I photographed a smash cake session for Gordo. Yes, that's his nickname. Nico is my very first true nephew as all the others are on my husband's side of the family. My kids and had a blast helping make his little ombre cake and watch this guy go to town like I yes to see before at a cake smash session! Nico, you are a blessing to our family and my kids are so happy to have a baby cousin nearby. Kathryn is one of three babies born on the Hall + Ensley family in 2019! Nico has already overtaken Kathryn in both height and weight and my brother loves to tease me about it!

Nico is an incredibly happy and calm little guy. What a calm, joyful baby who is happy to sit and take in the action. And maybe eat a few handfuls of dog food when no one is looking. And destroy a few bookcases with his baby cousin too. Happy Birthday Buddy, I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you life! Love, Tia Mary